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Innocent… or not

I love pale pink and white lingerie.  It makes me look sweet and innocent, so I have time to surprise you.  Watch me bend over in my white stockings and strip out of this pink garter belt and bra.  Being so innocent is hard work, so by the time I got everything off, I just couldn’t control where my hands were going.  These pictures are hot, but they are nowhere near as sexy as the rest of them.  I’ll bet you can’t wait to watch me touch my pretty pink pussy.  Then I might even pull out some of my special toys and play games for you.  Go to Andi Pink to find out.

Rocker Chick

I love going out to concerts and being the awesome rock chick that I am.  I was picking out tickets to the next concerts coming into town and thought you guys might like a look at my wild side.  A girl has to have the right clothes to rock it out all night, right?  The best part about concerts is after.  I want to have you backstage and treat you like my very own rock star, and rock stars only get the hottest girls.  Watch me dance for you and take off my hot black and pink clothes.  Then you can see what happens to those rock stars after the concert over at Andi Pink.

Snow Bunny

I just love playing out in the snow.  When I travel, I can’t wait to hit winter spots with fresh white powder.  I had so much fun running around naked in the snow, that I almost forgot how cold it is.  We couldn’t be out there long getting pictures, but I think we got some good ones.  At least my feet didn’t get cold with those big boots on.  Now I just need someone to come back to the lodge with me and keep me warm.  The hot chocolate will warm me inside, but who is going to warm my outside.  See the rest of my hot snow photos at Andi Pink .  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in them.

I’m All Wet

I love to go swimming as often as I can, especially in an indoor pool with no one watching.  Then I can get as naughty and naked as I want to.  Skinny dipping is one of my favorite hobbies, and I love how the cold water feels on my body.  Sometimes I have company in the pool, but today it’s just me and the photographer snapping pictures, so I had a little fun.  Everything looks shiny and fun underwater, especially my pretty kitty.  The pool is the best place for naughty fun because of those fun pulsing jets.  I can back up to one, or put my arms on the side of the pool and no one is the wiser about how good those bursts of water are making me feel.  Go see the rest of my naughty water fun at Andi Pink !

Come closer and sit beside

Those are my favorite stockings. They seem kinda posh but incredible hot at the same and that is exactly what I need to turn you on. I bet you are feeling alright. Aren’t you? Now lets get naughty and feel the blood rushing down the veins. I am kinky right now and I feel like misbehaving so I am not hiding myself from you but revealing all the humps. Take your time and spend all the time in the world by my bed. I am a bit shy to show the twins at the moment but I promise you them all a bit later. Andi Pink also contains me nude and ready to please your imagination , and I recommend you to read Andi Pink Review.

Its Party Time and I am a public servant!

Here me the bad guys! I can rock your world and make you feel fine or at least draw your attention to my sexy suit for a while and the streets will become safer while I am working. Do not pretend a good guy ‘cause I know your thoughts are too bad to be true but who knows! If you behave I can assist them and the reality will appear too close. And meanwhile have a look at the slutty cop suit that I am wearing specially for you! I am wearing other naughty clothing at my paysite Andi Pink so welcome there as well or read Andi Pink Review @ Lusty Porn Guide !